How successful is Trump?

  After getting into a few Twitter battles with Trump followers, and hearing over and over again about how successful Trump has been, I decided to really look it all up. Forbes recently pegged Trump’s wealth to be $4.5bn. He got into business in 1971, and his property plays were in Manhattan, one of the most expensive and successful real estate markets in the world.

So why is this guy just worth $4.5bn. Yes, I am saying “just,” because he really should be worth a lot more. Digging deeper you find that his companies have gone bankrupt four times, he almost lost everything he owned at one point to a consortium of banks who decided not to take him for all he had because that would have sunk their investment as well.

In contrast, Mark Cuban whose business career started in the early 1990’s is worth about $3bn. Bill Gates founded Microsoft after Trump got into business in 1975, and is worth multiple times Trump’s dollars. There is no denying Trump is great at getting free media attention, because he is his own freak show. 

His supporters seem to be people who have never traveled outside of America, never met Muslims and are not very successful themselves. They are easily convinced of his so called success and genius because all Trump does is he keeps repeating himself over and over again.

When interviewed by journalists, he waffles about and can’t answer a single question intelligently. He makes tall promises but there is no information forthcoming as to how he will make these things happen. His supporters don’t seem to care, just Trump saying so is good enough for them.

Trump’s genius lies in his showmanship. He is able to gloss over substance with aggressive and outlandish statements aimed at his opponents, or at entire communities, races and religions. My hope is that majority of Americans are able to see his apparent failings, his malaise intentions and desist voting for him.

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