Trump’s Rise Defies Logic

Super Tuesday 3 came and went and Donald Trump came out on top yet again. Marco Rubio was upset in his home state which he lost to Trump.

Marco in a previous speech had confidently stated that he believed whoever won Florida would go on to win the nomination, Trump says he agrees with Rubio now that Trump took Florida.

Kasich managed to hold on to Ohio, which is a mean feat as he hasn’t really won any other state. Says that his constituents are happy with him.

Kasich really needs to drop out. So that the field can even out and Trump and Cruz remain. This gives Cruz a chance to fight and hopefully beat the megalomaniac. 

The time has come to face the truth. Despite most rational people thinking that Trump would have floundered, he hasn’t yet. If he does win the nomination, anything can happen during the general elections. 

Hopefully, majority of Americans will reject a Trump presidency and vote int the Democratic alternative.


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