Wrong On Trade – Reason 2 To Not Support Donald Trump

maxresdefaultThe world is interdependent today, more than it has ever been in the past. Next time you go to a retail store, look at the labels that declare country of origin, you will see that majority of goods are manufactured overseas. They aren’t limited to China either, they come from all over the world.

When Donald Trump tells you that he will bring these jobs back to America so you can make a T-Shirt or towels or toys here in the USA, he is flat out lying or doesn’t know anything about International trade or perhaps doesn’t have the IQ to understand how it all works.

So let’s talk about why this isn’t possible and why no one in America, even illegal immigrants wouldn’t want these jobs back. In India the minimum wage for unskilled labour is a generous Rupees (Indian currency) 7,733 per month. Let’s translate this into American dollars shall we. It equals to US$ 116 per month! The daily wage based on a 6 day work week (this is normal for India) equals to US$4.64 per day or US$ 0.58/hour.

Don’t be shocked, this is all verifiable, my source is outlined at the end of the article.

Now let’s look at the federal minimum wage in USA, it is US$ 7.25/hour. So the minimum wage in India is only 7.73% of the minimum wage in USA. In other words a worker in the USA earns 12.5 times what a similar worker in India earns. My dear American friends, do any of you really want to earn the wage an Indian earns?

So isn’t Trump lying to you when he says he is going to bring these jobs back?  If this hasn’t opened your eyes, let’s look at it another way. Trump manages to bring these jobs to USA, T-shirts are now made here in good ol’ US of A. A T-shirt that retails in USA for $19.99 costs about about $2.99 to make. 45% of this cost is labour. If this labour cost increases by a factor of 12.5, the cost of this T-shirt is now $16.81, by the time it goes through a distributor to a retailer and sold to you the same T-shirt will cost the consumer $67.27. Is every American citizen willing to pay a 236% increase in costs?

Trump’s lie about bringing jobs back is worthy of contempt. It shows that he doesn’t have the acumen to understand how international trade works. Worse yet, if he does understand this, he is willing to lie and mislead the American voter into believing he can make this happen. Don’t let someone so blatantly pool wool over your eyes. #dumptrump this November, don’t get fooled by Trump.


Minimum wage in India. Minimum wage in America.


One thought on “Wrong On Trade – Reason 2 To Not Support Donald Trump

  1. Unfortunately, he is dangerous for the society, and a liar. However, Hillary is not better than him in terms of transparency, and she is endorsed by a dictatorship like Saudi Arabia. If I was from the USA, I would not vote for any of them.


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