Words Matter – Indian Man Shot in Kansas

_94831996_trioIf you thought that words don’t matter, then this is proof that they do. The rhetoric spewing forth from Trump’s mouth has consequences. People thought that after the elections, Trump would go back to his NY penthouse, nursing his wounds and the toxic campaign would be a bad memory.

Since his election and coronation, the days that have followed have been chaos force fed to the world via a hose pipe. Combustible and at times rotten political news is daily fare. “What did he do or say today?” is on everyone’s mind. Even those not previously directly involved with politics are now watching the drama.

Everyday people have been on edge. Those dealing with problems in their own lives, have had their mind filled with the toxicity of Trump’s words. Unable to cope with their own troubles, infused with alcohol or drugs, these people are ticking time bombs, and one just went off in Olathe, Kansas.

Three men were affected, one of whom lost his life and the other two had theirs changed forever. USA was never considered a hostile place. It was considered to be the global melting pot, where people from the world migrated and were minted into loyal Americans. No matter where these people came from, their love for freedom and the American way imbued them with patriotism for their adopted country.

That patriotism is now being bastardized. Trump has given a megaphone to a relatively small minority, this is no different from the jihadists, who have hijacked an entire religion, Trump has hijacked America.

A total of 128.7 million Americans voted. The other 105.3 million voters were silent. They couldn’t be bothered to participate in the most important part of democracy, that part which at least in theory gives the people power once in four years in America. This senseless killing and murder is on them as much as it is on Trump and the people who voted for him.

The political system in America has failed the Americans. It has allowed a person who is unfit to be called a good human being become their leader. And words matter, the things Trump has said during the campaign, the things he has said as a private citizen, the things he has done as a businessman should have all been clues to where this individual could take the country. And he is doing exactly as he said he would do!

That is frightening, now all we can do is buckle up and get ready for this wild roller coaster Presidency which has the potential to bring about an apocalypse for everyone in the world.  One can only hope that his four years pass without a major worldwide catastrophe and he is relegated to the books as the worst American President in history.


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